A Check for $15.37

$15.37 isn’t a lot. It really isn’t. I received a check for $15.37, and I’ve never worked so hard for 15 bucks as I did for that little check. That check was a royalty check. It was $15.37 I’ve earned so far off of my debut novel, Mr. Smith Isn’t Afraid of the Dark. It’s … Continue reading A Check for $15.37

1880 Cowboy Town

My father looked me in the eye and said, “Go west, young man!” Well, what he actually said was, “Have you ever been to the ghost town west of town? The 1880 Cowboy Town? It’s a couple miles west of town on I-90. You should go sometime, see what the Wild West looked like in … Continue reading 1880 Cowboy Town

My First Con, and My First Cosplay

Over the weekend, MrsGryphon and I attended SiouxperCon, our very first con, where we debuted our BioShock Big Daddy and Little Sister costumes. For years, I harbored the secret dream of becoming a Disney Imagineer when I grew up. Through my teen years, I played with stop-action animation, robotics, and made the occasional foray into … Continue reading My First Con, and My First Cosplay

SiouxperCon and my first Cosplay Experience

Growing up, my favorite holiday was always Halloween. Not because of the candy (although that was always a plus) but because it offered me the chance to dress up in a costume. I’m not sure why costumes had such an appeal to me as a child. Thinking back, I remember how much fun I had … Continue reading SiouxperCon and my first Cosplay Experience