My Superhero Body – Week 8?

Welcome back, gryphans!

It seems like so long since we’ve talked. What about week 7? No, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Seriously, this is going to sound weird, but I straight up forgot to post. **Shrug**

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Post Mortem


The food portion has been going well. Every now and then, I indulge, but I’m being good.

I had some tacos, but in moderation, and I ate salad to balance it out.

I’ve been saving calories so Mrs. Gryphon and I can walk Baby Boy Gryphon down to the ice cream stand and I can get a chocolate shake now and then. It’s been hot, and I need a shake now and then. It’s also about 1.5 miles round trip, so we earn those treat calories!

Good morning!
Good morning!

A big change for me has been my breakfast. A cup of black coffee, and a two egg omelette with two slices of diced up ham lunch meat and a cut up slice of thin-sliced swiss cheese.

It’s a super filling way to start of the day at under 250 calories!


Since I’ve started, I’ve gone from half hour sessions in which I struggled to jog for just a few minutes at a time to walk/run intervals that last about an hour and cover about 5 miles.

The change from week to week seems so small, but it recently struck me how much they’ve accumulated.

I feel better, too. Sure, I’m pushing myself harder and getting side cramps now and then, and my calves are always a bit stiff, but my feet feel better and despite it all my knee actually hurts a little less!

Viewers Like You

My success, so far, is in no small part to you, gryphans. There aren’t a lot of comments on the blog, but I’ve spoken with quite a few of you via other means. You have no idea how much, on a day when I’m sore and a bit hangry, how much of a boost I get from running into one of you in person and being told, “Hey, I’ve been reading your blog posts. You’re rocking it!”


Weekly Weigh-In

The Numbers

On June 27th, 2017:

  • I weigh 268.9 pounds
  • My body fat is 35.5%
  • That means 94.9 pounds of me is fat

In the last week:

  • I’ve lost 4.6 pounds
  • I’ve lost 2.2 pounds of fat

In the last two weeks:

  • I’ve lost 10.3 pounds
  • I’ve lost 6.4 pounds of fat

Since I’ve started:

  • I’ve lost 36.5 pounds
  • I’ve lost 23.3 pounds of fat

Last week, I actually hit some amazing milestones.

First, I hit my first weight loss goal: 275.

On Monday, July 10th, I came in at 273.5 pounds. Woohoo!

I also hit less than 100 pounds of body fat. That wasn’t a goal, it was just nice.

Moving Forward

I’ve settled in to a day-to-day that works for me, so I’m not changing much there. Tracking calories and getting exercise will be the norm for me for the foreseeable future. It works for me, you know?

Work it!
Work it!

I’ve set my eyes on my next weight loss goal: Getting down to 260.

I suspect that before long, I’m going to see my weight loss slow. These five-pound weeks can’t go on forever. When the progress slows, though, I’ll adjust my calorie goals and exercise and we’ll see what happens!


That’s all for this week, gryphans! See you next week?

Mr. Gryphon


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