Cosplay is for Everyone

Cosplay is, and should be, for everyone. Regardless of a cosplayer’s skill level, budget, or body type, cosplay is for everyone. This isn’t just to remind and encourage you, dear readers; it’s also to remind and encourage me. Mrs. Gryphon and I are still relatively new cosplayers, and we were so fortunate to find ourselves … Continue reading Cosplay is for Everyone

A Check for $15.37

$15.37 isn’t a lot. It really isn’t. I received a check for $15.37, and I’ve never worked so hard for 15 bucks as I did for that little check. That check was a royalty check. It was $15.37 I’ve earned so far off of my debut novel, Mr. Smith Isn’t Afraid of the Dark. It’s … Continue reading A Check for $15.37